What’s wrong with the draft EIA notification 2020?

Neha Sinha, a conservation biologist, and author explains what’s wrong with the draft Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) notification 2020.

“The environment impact assessment is basically a law that teaches us or teaches us how we can safeguard against environmental disaster by studying the impact that a project will have on the environment before the project starts,” says Neha Sinha

She added, “It’s really important to understand that we want to study the impact of a project before it starts so that we can make an informed decision on whether the project should come up in its present form in the present location or not. The new draft EIA draft of 2020 does away with this basic core provision which is it actually allows you to have post facto clearance”

“We don’t need more man-made disasters, therefore, the present EIA draft of  2020 needs to be challenged on keeping the core provision of doing an environmental impact assessment before a project comes up and not having any projects coming up without a good EIA happening first,” she said.  

Lmb Staff