Guidelines issued for handling of COVID-19 Biomedical Waste at Hospitals

In order to deal with COVID-19 pandemic, State and Central Governments have initiated various steps, which include setting up of quarantine centers/camps, Isolation wards, sample collection centers and

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has issued guidelines for the management of waste generated during diagnostics and treatment of COVID-19 suspected or confirmed patients.

Image Source: The News Minute

The apex pollution monitoring body said specific guidelines are required to be followed by all, including isolation wards, quarantine centres, sample collection centres, laboratories, ULBs and common biomedical waste treatment and disposal facilities, in addition to existing practices under BMW Management Rules, 2016.

1. COVID-19 Isolation wards:

a. Keep separate color-coded bins in wards and maintain proper segregation of waste.

b. Double layered bags should be used for collection of waste from
COVID-19 isolation wards so as to ensure adequate strength and no-leaks.

c. Collect and store biomedical waste separately prior to handing over. Use a dedicated collection bin labeled as “COVID-19” to store COVID-19 waste and keep separately in temporary storage room prior to handing over to authorized staff.

2. Responsibilities of persons operating Home-Care facilities

a. General solid waste generated from quarantine centers or camps should be handed over to waste collectors identified by Urban Local Bodies.

b. Biomedical waste should be collected separately in yellow-colored bags by ULBs. These bags can be placed in separate and dedicated dust-bins of appropriate size.

c. Persons operating the Quarantine camps should report to ULBs in case of any difficulty in getting the services for the disposal of solid waste or biomedical waste.

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